Consulting with Amy Brann

The benefits of an organisation that can really boast true employee engagement just keep giving. The key is to really understand people, and for that neuroscience is fantastic.

Imagine an organisation where:

  • everything was congruent

  • people spoke proudly of being part of the team

  • productivity was consistently strong

This is what Amy Brann and the specialist team help organisations to become. Through a blended approach of diagnostics, consulting, coaching and training completely tailored to an organisation’s personal situation we identify weak spots and strengthen them.

Often one part of an organisation improves, perhaps a team receives some training. However, these interventions often don’t have the lasting impact they should because policies, procedures and other infrastructure components interfere. By blending our team’s experience of leadership and organisations with in depth knowledge of neuroscience and how people work we are expertly positioned to identify systemic challenges that will reduce your results – and help you address them.

By taking a look at how your organisation is set up through the lens of neuroscience and becoming aware of other game changing insights from science you can become stronger, more resilient and more effective. People also find it easier to wake up excited on Monday mornings and feel fulfilled on Friday afternoons.

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