The Neuroscience Behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organizations


Our brain is central to everything we do. Neuroscience is the discipline that is rapidly gathering more data about how our brains work. The premise of Engaged is that by understanding more about how we work we can create organizations that both enable us to work better, and enjoy that process.

For the field of Human Resources a huge opportunity lies ahead. To reconnect with what being human means and to shape organisations to best work with this human nature.

‘Engaged’ makes some bold practical suggestions. Not only should people work for organizations, but so should organizations work for people.


“Mix timeless wisdom with modern neuroscience and you get Engaged, a terrific new book from Amy Brann.  Upon immersing yourself in this evidence-based approach, you’ll see and understand organizational behavior in an entirely new light and you’ll be well equipped to elevate your people, your team and your bottom line.  Both insightful and practical, this is a very relevant book!”

Stephen M. R. Covey

Author of The New York Times and # 1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book, The Speed of Trust, and co-author of Smart Trust

“Engaged tackles with ease some of the most uncomfortably complex topics facing many modern organisations and business leaders. Drawing on a wealth of experience from people in the know, this book weaves a story using neuroscience as the thread, systematically demystifying difficult concepts. What I love about it is that you can take exactly what you need from it – whether it is something for the here and now from the ‘What Can I do Today’ feature, or a more detailed insight for example into the role of neurotransmitters in healthy brain function. Engaged is an invaluable companion for business champions of change.”

Paul Carter

Behavioural Neuropsychologist Bangor University

“Much of my work has been evangelising the fact that sound environments powerfully affect our bodies, emotions, productivity and behaviour – so it’s exciting to see this fascinating study, built on neuroscience, suggest that we need to manage environments rather than individuals. Sounds right to me!”

Julian Treasure

Top-Rated International Speaker & Author of ‘Sound Business’

“ENGAGEMENT starts with capital „E“ – it is EVERYONE’s responsibility to keep self and others engaged and motivated. Using this book raises the awareness that it is not a manager’s or an organization’s duty – it is each single person in an organization to drive engagement in order to achieve better results. No excuses anymore: This book gives the reader evidence and practical tools to make engagement finally happen.”

Dr. Tobias Kiefer

Global Learning Leader, EY & Chairman

“With businesses under pressure to preform, they often overlook one of the most critical elements for their success: The correct utilisation of human resources. Achieving optimisation and performance requires understanding the underpinning of human cognition and using it to shape businesses. This book understands that most business today actually work against the nature of human performance, and that taking insights from neuroscience can really improve their performance. Read this book to gain understanding of these issues and how to move forward.”

Dr Itiel Dror

University College London and Cognitive Consultants International

“Engaged takes contemporary neuroscience theory and applies insights that will equip organisations to be both productive and fulfilling places work. Engaged brains can make all the difference.”

Professor John Parkinson

Head of School of Psychology Bangor University

“Amy & Synaptic Potential have some really interesting ideas and approaches to organisational culture and engagement – I look forward to watching them develop even further with practical implementation.”

Cathy Brown

Exec Director, Engage for Success

“Engaged is as inspiring as it is insightful. It’s a fact that an organisation’s culture and strategy dictate business success and it is always the people within organisations that determine the level of that success. Engaged is one of those great books that brings all of that together in such a meaningful way. The book is underpinned with science and practical examples, which can be applied in your organisation right now. It’s time to change the game and bring more meaning back to the workplace. You can start that process today by applying the insights from this fantastic book!”

Ben Whitter

Organisation and People Development Manager, The University of Nottingham Ningbo China

“In Engaged, Amy Brann writes in her natural, accessible style, allowing Learning & Development professionals to understand and access concepts of neuroscience clearly and with relevance. In our time strapped world, it is so important to have full engagement in the workplace. In a profession which is often perceived to take people’s engagement away from ‘the work’, L&D can benefit with knowing more about creating engaging, less disruptive learning interventions. Engaged talks through how to do that, plus covers the all-important why too, and adds real stories from professionals in the L&D field.

Amy demonstrates, in Engaged, her experience and value to the study and research of neuroscience in a way which relates clearly to a business focus, particularly company cultures and environs. As L&D heads more towards consultative partnering within business rather than transactional course booking, having a better understanding of how to engage with business units and operational managers is of immense benefit. Just as L&D is going through a mindset shift itself, the ideas in this book are pushing the whole of business to evolve better environments and philosophies; that cannot come soon enough, in my opinion.”

Michelle Parry-Slater

L&D Director, Kairos Modern Learning

“Finally, a simply written and practical guide to ‘what’ and more importantly for us in the HR / L&D world ‘how’ to make sure what we do is brain friendly and keeps our people motivated, engaged and happy at work. This book is loaded with practical quick and long term strategies that you can put into place and enjoy immediate results.”

Louisa Fryer

TalkTalk & Co-founder of Development Den



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